About us …

blue The engineering company was founded in November 1987. We develop and produce various OEM-Products for industrial measurement technology, sewage treatment- and powerplant-control, industrial process measurement and control-systems for special purpose machines.
blue The very long product cycles in these areas required us to an above-average level of quality and reliable robustness of our developments. A cross-system understanding, sensitivity to the special problems of our customers and creating solutions with perfection in detail are our strengths.


As a matter of principle a loyal partnership with our customers, honest statements in every situation and strictly handling of nondisclosure agreements was and is an essential part of our business. We commit to the code of ethics of the IEEE.

A few great companies and organisations are our loyal customers for over 30 years…  we are proud of that they believed in our promise of reliability and give us new challenges all the time … thank you very much!

“A lot of machines and systems have modules and units inside
with our little logo on it… in the meantime, all over the world”